Basic information

This document is mainly used to explain endpoints usage, illustrate with code examples for requesting endpoints, specific interface input parameters and output parameter information

Important notice

The request code examples in this document are using Axios

Contract Address

Currently Bridgers1 supports any currency exchange that has been supported on the eighteen listed chains. The following are the contract addresses of each chain
  1. 1.
    eth mainnet contract address:0x92e929d8b2c8430bcaf4cd87654789578bb2b786
  2. 2.
    bsc mainnet contract address:0x1ed5685f345b2fa564ea4a670de1fde39e484751
  3. 3.
    matic mainnet contract address:0x242Ea2A8C4a3377A738ed8a0d8cC0Fe8B4D6C36E
  4. 4.
    heco mainnet contract address:0xaeAE2CBb1E024E27e80cc61eE9A8B300282209B4
  5. 5.
    oec mainnet contract address:0x37809F06F0Daf8f1614e8a31076C9bbEF4992Ff9
  6. 6.
    tron mainnet contract address:TEorZTZ5MHx8SrvsYs1R3Ds5WvY1pVoMSA
  7. 7.
    fantom mainnet contract address:0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  8. 8.
    arbitrum mainnet contract address: 0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  9. 9.
    avalanche mainnet contract address: 0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  10. 10.
    optimism mainnet contract address: 0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  11. 11.
    cronos mainnet contract address: 0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  12. 12.
    solana mainnet contract address: A1kitc8Td5hGFQTkXsencSRBzAT45gKxpgqwkigYFi6g
  13. 13.
    aptos mainnet contract addres: 0x1c6933458633fe573bb8c54ebc33a0f8f89243f51398e1185c04279e1cdc7a51
  14. 14.
    sui mainnet contract addres: 0xc5ed6cc658e92632dcbd32d943c78dd2a47c082fbd26f7e68eb00e11fce161e3
  15. 15.
    BASE mainnet contract addres:0xa18968cc31232724f1dbd0d1e8d0b323d89f3501
  16. 16.
    opBNB mainnet contract addres:0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
  17. 17.
    ZKSYNC mainnet contract addres:0x2042ecdc71f9ffb2eb9cda7f801eccc5c6c8b7eb
  18. 18.
    CFX mainnet contract addres:0x8f957ed3f969d7b6e5d6df81e61a5ff45f594dd1
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